General Questions

Are you part of a national company?

We are a family run company in Worcester, with not connection or affiliation to any national or international company.

Do you offer free onsite visits?

We happily offer free on-site consultation/visits to your premises, as we feel as a company that this is the best way to get to know your business, your ethos and your history.

Where are you based, and do you have a business premises?

We’re based in Worcester, England. We do not currently have, or plan to have offices accessible to our customers. Our ethos is that we limit outgoing costs, to pass the savings onto our clients. As well as a strong belief that we should visit clients at their premises to get a feel for their company and what they do.

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Managed Websites

Can I upgrade from a Landing Page to a Business Website?

If you’re currently using our Landing Page service, and are interested in upgrading to our Business Website service, simply give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to sit down with you and discuss all the additional needs, pages & integrations your require. Then we’ll build these, and push them live when you’re ready – without affecting or causing downtime for your current Landing Page Website.

What if my website grows and needs more space?

If your website grows in size, we can simply grow with you. If we notice that your current cloud server is reaching maximum capacity levels we will talk with you about upgrading the setup, and the additional costs involved. If you’re happy to go ahead it usually takes around 15-20 minutes to scale up a cloud server, and then you’re good to continue expanding your website!

How secure are your servers?

We take your website security seriously. Our Cloud servers are protected by a OS-level firewall that filters out malicious traffic and intruders, they also go through regular OS patches & firmware upgrades to make sure they avoid vulnerabilities. on top of this, at a website level we run malware scanning, protection & automated lockouts. All customer websites are automatically given an SSL, and all admin level logins are set with a 2-Factor Authentication Login.

Where are your servers located?

As we use enterprise level cloud hosting for all our clients, we can spin up server in a vast number of locations worldwide. We work with the top 5 cloud providers (DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS & Google Cloud), meaning we can work with any location that they currently support.

Alongside this, we also integrate our sites with the StackPath CDN (Content Delivery Network) – meaning sites we host leverage their entire server infrastructure, so sites are loaded and delivered from the closest possible server to the requesting client. (Which basically means that your core server location matters less, as your website will be delivered from multiple server locations).

Can I buy a website for a one-off payment?

We do not build any ‘One-time’ payment websites, as our ethos is to maintain and support sites – allowing continued performance and optimisation over time.

Though, we do offer a ‘Buyout’ clause, as stated in our contracts, that allows you to purchase all rights to the website, if you choose to do this we will help you transfer the entire website & structure to another host.

Do I get access to an Admin Area or Hosting Platform?

No, we control and do not provide any Hosting level logins or Admin accounts for the CMS. If you require the ability to login to your website and post updates/blogs or would like to make minor changes yourself – we can create a Editor level account and walk you through the procedures to make changes or amendments.

This is done to make sure that no settings at website or hosting levels are changed or adjusted without our knowledge – and therefore a strict level of performance and optimisation is maintained.

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Lead Generation

What is a Data Point & a B2B Prospect or Lead?

Data Points, Potential Leads & Prospects – These are one and the same within Lead Research. If you purchase ‘800 Data Points’ – you’ll receive a literal 800 points of data, each piece of data being a potential prospect.

What is ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)?

An Ideal Customer Profile is a description of your companies perfect fit of a client or customer. Someone who would benefit immensely from your offering and provide you with value in exchange.

Can I buy an email list?

We do not sell pre generated email lists, or sell the same set of data to multiple clients. Each set of potential leads we provide is manually curated through our strict GDPR compliant processes, and is generated for that specific job. Once a job is complete, the data is stored for a limited time, before being destroyed.

Can you Cleanse, Validate or Enrich our current database?

Yes, we can easily take your current database cleanse it to remove any emails that would cause bounces, and then re-validate and enrich what is already there to improve its overall quality and make it more accurate and up to date.

What is a Sales Support Team?

Simply put, it’s a reliable add on to your sales department. They can take over everything from Data Entry, Lead Research & Market Analysis as well as look into optimising your Sales Pipes and Systems.

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Pricing & Accounts

Is our payment information safe?

We use Stripe as a payment processor, and do not store or hold any payment information ourselves. More information and support for Stripe can be found Here.

What if I don't want to pay anymore?

If for any reason you decide that our services aren’t for you – you’re free to leave at any time. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll help you transfer your domain to another provider. External transfers can only be made if all current invoices are paid and up to date.

What if I want to leave and take our site with us?

As our business model is ‘renting’ a high tier website to make better websites more affordable & accessible – by default you cannot simply take your website and leave. We do offer a ‘Buyout’ clause, as stated in our contracts, that allows you to purchase all rights to the website, if you choose to do this we will help you transfer the entire website & structure to another host.

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