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Dedicated Telephone Outreach & Customer Relations

Are you struggling to get the results you want from your telemarketing?

£150 One-time setup fee. Then £249 for a Single Day.

Discounted to £185 per Day when booking 5+ Days.

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Dedicated Telesales Team

Do you have customers to contact but don’t have the time or expertise to close the deal? With over 20 years’ experience in telemarketing and customer liaison, we can do the hard work for you. See what we have to offer to help your business to grow.

Provide us with the database and we will contact existing customers on your behalf. We will liaise directly with company owners, sales directors and teams. We then send you the results of our calls immediately for you to act on as you deem necessary.

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Transparency & Trust

We store and share all data with you through our cloud-based, hubspot database. All data is stored confidentially and is available to you at any time. Call-backs and meetings can be arranged on your behalf or you can contact your customers directly if you prefer.

We have a proven track record of positive results using a VOIP phone system. At your cost and setup, we can even link onto your own phone system.

While working for you, we will not canvas a rival business that offers the same products or services as yourself.

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    Frequently Asked Telemarketing Questions

    Discover why you should use our Dedicated Telesales Team

    Why should we choose your services?

    We offer over 20 years’ experience in making outbound calls. We know the right things to say and the right time to say them. We know when to speak, when to listen and are not afraid to say thank you very much, we will call again.

    Can you guarantee new customers and business?

    We are unable to guarantee that we can generate new customers or business but assure you that every effort would be made using email and phone calls to connect and attract new business.

    Can I pre-book days for the next four to six weeks to get a special deal?

    All pre-booked services are confirmed by phone and email. Rates would be confirmed at the time.

    Can I change my mind regarding dates pre-booked in advance?

    Yes, you can, provided any new days and dates are available. We would confirm by phone and email.

    Will you share our information with anyone else?

    All data is confidential and would not be used by any other business in your marketplace. We would not work for another company in the same sector whilst working with you

    If I am not satisfied with the results, will I be offered a refund?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund, however, you will have access to the database to check all call-backs etc. We may need to contact a customer on three or four occasions in order to gain trust.

    How much does your service cost and are you available 24-7 to answer any questions?

    £150 for a day to set up the service. £249 for a single day of telemarketing, a discounted rate of £185 per day of telemarketing for a block booking of 5 or more days. If required, special rates can be negotiated. We are available only on the set days that are booked but can be contacted via email outside these hours.

    Can I cancel the arrangement at any time?

    We require seven days’ notice by phone for cancellation. We will reply by email to confirm.

    Can you work from a script for our customers?

    Yes, with as much or as little as you wish.

    Do we have to sign a contract?

    No, there is no contract and once an agreement has been set up you can cancel at any time, giving seven days’ notice.

    Will you call me with any urgent information?

    Any urgent information or new business would be passed on to you on the same day, either by phone or email.

    Can we use our own phone systems and database?

    Yes, you can. All cost setup would be your responsibility.

    Do you offer Business to Consumer service?

    Yes, we offer a Business to Consumer service, working off your database information only.

    Do you offer a debt collection service?

    No, we do not offer a debt collection service.

    Could you train my staff to offer what you do?

    Yes. This would need careful planning, however, depending on numbers of staff and what systems you already have in place.

    How long would it take to train my staff?

    We are unable to specify how long training would take, as it depends on many factors. This would be subject to negotiation.

    What happens if you close after 6 months?

    As a company, we have low overheads and are debt free so are unlikely to close.

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